Sunday, January 14, 2007


The Griffith Observatory is beautiful! Scott and I and a couple friends took the shuttle ride up last night at 5. The view of LA from the top was absolutely stunning--on an unusually clear day, when there's not a foul, rust-colored haze hanging over everything, you can see why people think of the city as magical. Plus it was twilight so the twinkling lights really looked like something out of a dream.

The observatory itself is stunning, with beautiful architecture and fascinating exhibits, but still waaay to crowded still for my taste. I have to return soon; I haven't seen the planetarium show and the hour-long line for the outdoor telescope was not something we felt we needed to endure in record-low freezing weather. So another trip, hopefully on a less-crowded weeknight, is definitely in order.

But overall, I'd say #31 can be crossed off the list! Definitely worth doing again.


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