Monday, January 15, 2007


I went and got myself an hour's massage for my 24th birthday. The lady who worked on me was great--located in Glendale and recommended by my yoga instructor. My whole body felt a huge difference afterwards, although she mentioned she could have worked on just my back for the entire session. Apparently, it's pretty tense and lumpy back there, not to mention the fact that I've got a slight bend in my spine that throws everything else out of allignment. (The car accident back in October probably didn't help.)

So I think this year--as long as I'm working full time and the money's there--I can manage to set aside $80 every 2-3 months for something that will benefit my mind, and the state of my shoulders and lower back.

Which reminds me--she was going to show me a backbend to relieve tension and I forgot to ask her to show it to me before I left. Damn!

Oh well. Next time. When I'm back in 2 months. :)


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