Thursday, January 18, 2007


I got a nice big skillet (non-stick) with a lid last night at Target for $19.99! Yay!

I've also finished a bunch of books...I'll list them here, but eventually I suppose I'll have to organize all of this into separate posts. Hm....

So far...finished Paper Dreams--an interesting history but not as practical and helpful as I'd hoped for technique. Pretty good selection of mid-century Disney art, though. I'm betting Illustion of Life will be more helpful in actually learning and improving technique. (Haven't started it yet.)

The Man in the High Castle - one of the strangest books I've ever read. Had a "whoa" moment, though, when I realized that Phillip K. Dick had written the book using the I Ching. Holy shit!

The Way to Freedom, which was very interesting and a good, solid introduction to the basic points of Buddhism. I really want to learn more, and I have one more book from the library to finish. Not sure how many books are in the series altogether.

and finally, watched Notorious, by Alfred Hitchcock. LOVED it! What an awesome movie. I got completely sucked in, which rarely happens for me, and I love it when it does. The characters were charming and realistic, and there wasn't a moment for me when I cringed at the female lead's weak-willed antics--like in so many other old movies I've seen. Wonderful stuff!


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