Tuesday, February 20, 2007

#32 and #37

Two things to do accomplished in one east coast style evening! Saw Wicked Sunday night, took the Red Line to get there. The subway is great--empty, clean, and convenient. Wicked was good too, although I have to admit that I didn't really sing along to every song--much to the relief of the people sitting next to me, I'm sure. Overall, I found it to be a little disappointing. The actors' voices didn't sound as strong on stage as they do on the soundtrack, and also the guy who played Fiero wasn't nearly as good as the Broadway original. But all in all it was a lot of fun, even if I was the only one in the group who goes for the cheeseball musical sort of thing.

As for the subway, I will definitely be taking it again if I have the chance. Super convenient and it goes all the way to downtown! Plus, it stops a half a mile from our friends' house, so whenever we go somewhere with them we can try to take it.


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